Frequently Asked Questions

You're free to cancel your subscription at any time. Upgrade whenever you need a higher plan or downgrade your plan if you wish to lose access to features of a higher plan after a 12 months period.
Since we don't charge you for the cost of development but only for support and maintenance we expect you to stay with us for a 12 months period until our investment returns. If, for whatever reason you wish to terminate your subscription before that period ends, that's ok, too. We'll take your site offline and cancel your subscription. No hard feelings.
If you want to end your journey with us after the 12 month period we cancel your subscription and send you the latest copies of your backup.
Plans are for guidance and flexibe. We can customize them to your needs. Let's say you need the features of our Start Plan but with more developer time or the other way around. No problem.
Of course, you will be able to manage and update your site's content on your own. On the other hand having us managing your content is also part of the deal and it is included in your subscription.
Weblings is proudly 100% remote saving the commuting and office costs while utilises a subscription based model. It means a low monthly fee for you without the huge upfront cost and recurring revenue for us.