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Websites need continuous care to stay up to date and secure in order to generate revenue. Thinking otherwise is like buying a car and be surprised that it needs servicing and petrol to run. We stay with you to provide continuous fixes and updates of your business' digital storefront.

  • Safe Updates
  • Regular Scans
  • Error Fixes
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All our plans come with dedicated monthly developer time. We're here to take your project to the next level should you need a new feature to be built or a plugin to set up. Your site will evolve aligned with your business needs.

  • New Features
  • Plugin Setup
  • Design Changes
  • Continuous Optimisation
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While we pro-actively manage your site we also use a task manager in which you'll be able to add and discuss tasks with us. You can think of us as your very own in-house developer team. Our average response time is within an hour. Now that's peace of mind!

  • Task Manager
  • Regular Reporting
  • Dashboard Access
  • Quick Response

All the necessary tools

Everything is provided to get your business to the next level.

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Monthly Client Report with scans, updates, uptime monitoring, backups and more.

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Your own SEO dashboard under Weblings© My Project.+

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Support you'll Love available around the clock on various channels.

+ Weblings© My Project log-in is only available to paid SEO Plan subsribers.

How managed
web design works

Everything you need to make your web presence a success: 9 tips why a managed website is best for your project

Frequently Asked Questions

You're free to cancel your subscription at any time. Upgrade whenever you need a higher plan or downgrade your plan if you wish to lose access to features of a higher plan after 12 months.

Since we don't charge you for the cost of development but only for the ongoing support, updates and maintenance, we expect you to stay with us for 12 months until our investment returns. If for whatever reason you wish to terminate your subscription before that period ends, that's ok, too. We'll take your site offline and cancel your subscription. No hard feelings.

If you want to end your journey with us after 12 months we cancel your subscription and send you the latest copies of your backup.

Managing your own content sounds great at first but to increase conversion it is paramount to have a good online reputation. A fully managed website doesn't just mean it receives regular backups, updates and security scans but by allowing us to manage changes to your content it will always be geared towards delivering optimum speed, design and SEO. Properly sized and compressed images, search engine friendly formatted content and user experience are only a few to consider here.

Plans are flexible. We can customize them to your needs. Let's say you need the features of our Start Plan but with more developer time or the other way around. No problem.

Weblings is proudly 100% remote saving the commuting and office costs while utilises a subscription-based model. It means a low monthly fee for you without the huge upfront cost and recurring revenue for us.