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In modern days, your business is only as good as your web presence. Imagine considering spending money on a service or product only to find out soon after that they have no website, no brand and no easy way of contacting them or that they do have a website that looks like it was left here from the ’90s. It would seem highly suspicious, right?

Don’t let that be you and your business! 😓

A well-managed website doesn’t just help get your brand seen and your voice heard but it also gives your customers the impression they looking for when they are searching businesses. Here’s why:

Leads generating

SEO that brings organic traffic to your business is one of the most important and effective lead funnels. Your website with a managed SEO plan can rank high on Google’s search pages and get your business in front of more people. Without it, your business will lose potential customers who will simply just not know about the existence of your business.

Showcase your product or service

Your website is your shop window. It is the primary place to showcase your products and services to the world. Whether it is the form of a portfolio, testimonials or e-shop, a well-designed website can be the difference-maker. You need to make sure your user’s journey on your site is smooth and that you presented a modern and goal-orientated experience for them.

Build trust and relationships

The more trusted your brand the more a customer will feel comfortable spending money on your services or products. For this to happen, a website with a consistent tone, design and message is essential. One, where customers can interact with your brand directly and you can get to know your customer better, their buyer’s journey and what they need the most. 

Expert design and user experience that converts

Great web design is not easy. There is a lot of expertise that goes into making a website that is both attractive and effective in converting leads into customers. 

The design of your site also affects other factors such as site speed and SEO ranking. With a managed, pay monthly website, all this is taken care of so you know you are not losing customers to poor design choices. 

Consistent upkeep and performance checks

technical audit for managed website
Technical audit

Sometimes, problems happen. It is a fact of life. Every second a website is down damages your business and your bottom line. With a managed website, these problems will be fixed straight away by experts. Regular performance checks mean that your site is always running at an optimum level, keeping your rankings high and the user experience positive.

Save time with a managed website

Websites are complex, fragile bundle of technologies that must be maintained otherwise they will break or become obsolete in the long run. To maintain a fully optimised and effective website is time-consuming. As a business owner or entrepreneur, time is in short supply. A managed website will give you back that time to spend on other projects that need your attention while you can be sure your site is looked after by professionals.

Predict costs with a pay monthly website

Having a pay monthly website gives you the ability to more accurately predict the cost of your online business. Your spending will be more efficient while still getting the best service possible equal to your needs. Instead of paying out big sums to get your website designed and then be left in the dark after it’s launch choose no setup cost, pay monthly websites where you only pay a small monthly fee for making sure your website is kept on top. 

Data and analytics management

A managed website will have perfect implementation and interpretation of analytics and data so that your strategy and SEO can be perfected over time. Understanding the why and the how is vital to stay competitive in the online business world. 

data analysis for managed website
Data analytics


It is important to set up a website correctly from the outset so that when the time comes to scale business and incorporate other revenue streams, you can do so with the minimum of fuss. Your website should facilitate growth, not restrict it. 

Using a managed web service is the best way to create an online presence that is professional, attractive, focused on what your customers need and scalable since you’ll have your very own in-house developer team at your fingertips. Your project’s journey just begins after it’s launch.

Whether it is to build a brand new brand or optimise an existing one, the benefits of managed web services are an incredible value. If you want to learn more about the pricing and which packages are right for you, check out our web design, hosting and SEO plans. Alternatively, if you are interested to find out how your existing website performs in the eye of Google, take a free SEO audit.

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